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League founded: 2000


name_email_yahoo id_aol im 1.Danny Jiacopello_pelebutter66@yahoo.com_pelebutter66_pelebutter_Mullica Raptors 2.Bob Rogers_jcpockets1@yahoo.com_jcpockets1_alltalkbob 3.Daniel J Hoeghn_boonetb@yahoo.com_boonetb_boonetb 4.Max Cohen_jumpman929@yahoo.com_jumpman929_cheifwahoo You could be here

To join first join are club at Then email me your full name emial yahoo id and aol im if you have one and tell me that you wanna play in this league. Then i will give you the info. Invite Friends.


DRAFT:Live draft on (date not determined yet)


MAX> # of players on a team: 23 Player Universe:mlb everyone Al and Nl No maximum in trades or FA 5 by 5 roto scoring (may be more catogories)5 by 5 mean hr, rbi, run, sb, avg. whip, era, k's, win, save. Waiver time for FA is 2 days Caps: 162 games and 2000 innings Batting Positions 1b, 2b, ss, 3b, c, of, of, of, dh Pitching Positions Sp, Sp, Rp, Rp, P, P, P Dl list:4 player max

Any questions email me at